Lance Fort International School

Chairman Welcome


Joining the family of Lance Fort International School is a privilege that students and their families grow to appreciate more and more over time. The focus for teachers is on student-centered learning. Add to this the school’s ethos of Keep Striving, Keep Smiling and we create an environment ripe for exploration and wonder; one in which all students learn to be all they can be.

Learning at LFIS, whether onsite, during a field trip or within a web-based environment, incorporates a variety of strategies and perspectives. The internationally recognized curriculum is prepared and implemented by a talented group of teachers who are able to develop the knowledge, skills, values and understandings required by today’s global citizens. Extra curricular activities and opportunities to engage in cultural events provide students with rich experiences and extend learning beyond the classroom and into the community.

Everyone at LFIS is a learner and each learner values the interdependent, creative experience offered at LFIS. Lance Fort learners understand how Keep Smiling, Keep Striving leads to a lifetime of happiness and learning.

Warm Regards,
Sh. Satender Tyagi

Chairman sir

Sh. Satender Tyagi