Lance Fort International School

  • Untap the treasure of learning

    Let a child become an independent learner who is morally strong and environmentally aware. Here at Lotus Veda, we prepare students to enter into the world as change makers and innovators.
  • A pursuit of excellence

    We help kids strike a right balance between academic achievements and extracurricular activities. We help them hone their skills and explore the ocean of knowledge with great zeal and enthusiasm.
    Lotus Veda International School aims at nurturing knowledgeable and active learners who develop global competence to live and work in today’s interconnected world.
    We believe that a safe and caring learning environment facilitates proper learning. Our teachers maintain discipline which helps improve the quality education for all learners.
    Technology develops creative learning processes and helps retain the concept for a longer period of time. Online tools help explore more to acquaint knowledge.

    An inclusive education

    “Today’s youth become the leaders of tomorrow”

    Experiential learning
    Strengthen child’s confidence

    Gain knowledge by demonstrating specific skills and experiencing practical sessions.

    Instructional strategies
    Balance of active and passive activities

    Teachers ask questions and give suggestions to stimulate children’s thinking.

    Cognitive development
    Better problem solving abilities

    We help children think about the situations and understand the world around them. 

    Beautiful childhood
    Let the Child Bloom
    We offer a conducive environment enriched with discipline, discovery and direction. A comprehensive approach is followed to boost physical, social and psychological development.

    Life at

    “Education is not a preparation of life, Education is life itself”

    John Devey
    An American Education Reformer

    Lotus Veda Sneak Peak

    View amazing moments of students during gymnastic sessions, community learning, social awareness sessions and many other celebrations of festivals.

    We celebrate festivals Holi, Diwali, Janmashthmi and many more with great enthusiasm. We decorate schools beautifully, various performances are organised like singing, dancing and speech. The day gets ended with mesmerising memories.

    Excursions are the best ways to develop social skills, instilling a sense of adventure. This is the best opportunity to let kids understand the theoretical concepts by experiencing them. Their inhibitions get lowered, and they gain confidence by exploring outdoors.

    We teach sports in a fun and new way bringing much excitement to the life of little ones. It’s good for physical fitness which ultimately contributes towards growth and development of the kids. Playing sports help develop motor skills, concentration and team spirit.

    Competitive games are the best ways to keep the learning spirit alive in students giving no room to boredom. It’s an interesting and effective way to let kids revise existing knowledge and stimulate interest in learning the new subject matter.

    Prominent player in the education space

    senatorial activity

    Sensorial Activities

    Sensorial activities refine the 5 senses - tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory, and gustatory senses.

    Social Values

    Social Values

    Social values help balance the dynamics of the community, traditions and cultural beliefs.


    Personality Development

    Our interactive team helps students become a better version of themselves by teaching them right etiquettes and manners.

    Our educational Partners

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    XSEED is a proven school learning platform that builds thinking and problem solving attitude. Kids develop unique skills to understand, not cram. 

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    Code Crayon is a holistic coding solution to help students achieve mastery in the coding language and set the right foundation to pursue a career in the technical field. 

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    Babanod nurtures the first days of life of kids by keeping the balance between academic excellence, co-curricular activities and spiritual enrichment.  

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    Skill Smarter is the Abacus program that enhances concentration, memory, creativity, calculation speed and improves number crunching abilities.

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    Theatre Education

    Theatre develops language and communication skills. It encourages children to adjust in any environment. It also helps evolving their emotional intelligence and nurtures friendship.

    Coding & Robotics

    Coding & Robotics emphasizes meaningful problem-based learning. Children learn electrical and mechanical processes through the creation, design assembly and operation of robots.

    sports 1

    Sports Activity

    Sports help the child develop qualities like punctuality, patience, discipline, teamwork and dedication. Playing sports also helps in building and improving confidence.

    Art & Craft

    Art & Craft fosters creative development of a child and enhances student's fine motor skills. It teaches them to express themselves and vent out their feelings.

    Music & Dance

    Music and Dance help students to engage their brain and cultivate communication skills. It also fosters physical skills and contributes to their creativity and imagination.

    Lotus Veda fully adheres to the structure provided by the National curriculum framework (NCF) of the country. The school follows an experiential method to raise the standards of the teaching learning process.

    “The sign of great parenting is not the child’s behavior, but the parent’s behavior”

    We all want our child to be best at everything. But have we ever thought about what we are contributing towards their life? More than instructions, kids learn through actions. It is the parents’ responsibility to watch out their doings as it ultimately impacts children’s growth. Nurture them with a kind & friendly attitude because kids go where excitement is and they stay where love prevails.

    “Children learn more from what you are, than you teach”

    Guiding parents to adopt story telling
    as the teaching method