Lance Fort International School



The belief in Lotus Veda Group of Schools is that every child is unique. The school believes that each child is a natural learner. The role of the school is to provide an environment of learning; where teachers are facilitators, where the knowledge is derived from the child’s own experiences and natural instincts. Lotus Veda is on scaling up the communication skills of the children, giving them a global outlook and encouraging them to think globally and act locally. This passion has made me strive to provide humanistic education to children through different branches of Lotus Veda Schools. With parents as our Partners, we at Lotus Veda are growing into a citadel of hope, compassion, wisdom and knowledge.

Mr. V.K Chadda


Deputy Director

As a human being if we can’t help another fellow, I believe we have been defeated as a race. I envision to create a home-cum-school system that will lead in creating a generation of aspirants that will excel in every single field that they participate in. Not only this, it is important to become human beings who are sensitized towards the less fortunate. We, at Lotus Veda International School, are working towards building global citizens who are not only working towards their personal goals but also contributing towards various social causes. ‘The heart of education exists in the process of teacher and pupil learning together, the teacher drawing forth the pupil’s potential and raising the pupil to eventually surpass the teacher. ’When we resolve to stand up and take full responsibility, we can develop our capabilities. We can inspire hope and courage in people only when we realize that challenges are nothing but opportunities for us to grow. When we experience adversity, the light of hope and flame of courage, burns brightly in our hearts. Lotus Veda International School is my dream school which I wish to make into a palace of joy where we celebrate the learning and achievements with a feeling of togetherness.

Ms. Reena Pandey

"Learn.Evolve.Achieve"- Admissions Open Now for Session 2023-2024